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2009 Off to a Good Start! Bro. Scott

January 5-9 found UGST hosting a Mission of the Church short term intensive course along with Board members who gathered for their semi-annual meeting. Bro. Littles led the class to constantly confront the question of how the church BEING the mission is different from the church HAVING a mission. Daniel Scott, missionary and visionary for missions, guest lectured Thursday morning and Joey Peyton, alumnus '06 and Hospital Chaplain, challenged the class with thinking in terms of the second commandment on Friday. Students departed on Friday to begin work on their research papers.

It is always with great joy that UGST has Board members on campus. These amazing men and women of God gifted with foresight and fortitude tirelessly work to advance God's kingdom on so many fronts. UGST is truly blessed to have such apostolic giants at the helm! 

View pictures from January 5-9. 

group workJanuary 12-17 found UGST hosting 2 short term intensives simultaneously: Pastoral Counseling for Couples in Crisis with Prof. Cindy Miller met in Classroom A and Luke-Acts with Prof. Steven Beardsley met in the Conference Room. Counseling for Couples in Crisis began 9am Monday morning and also incorporated a special training for pre-marital and marriage enrichment counseling Monday and Tuesday night from 6-9pm. Four pastoral counselors (besides any present for the class) camLuke-Actse just to attend the Prepare-Enrich certification. The class itself was intense in a "life changing without changing your life" kind of way.

Down the hall Prof. Beardsley embarked on challenging students by wrestling with biblical criticisms and causing them to confront where their presuppositions about the biblical text are rooted. At one point, when laughter ensued from the classroom, Prof. Beardsley could be heard remarking, "You know you are a true geek when you both make and laugh at jokes about redaction."

After a week respite, Spring semester classes began January 27. Students have once again begun examining readings to find the theological lens of the author,  memorizing Greek paradigms, exploring history with an eye for the argument being made by the historian and investigating the practice of ministry. It's a good time to be a part of UGST!

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Florissant, MO 63033


Director of Admissions
Rhonda Morley


Distance Learning
Marjorie Truman


Gayle Yoder


Dean of Administration
Evelyn Drury


  UGST Comes to You!

Bro. Daniel Segraves is on the move and perhaps coming somewhere near you. If you
would like to attend one of these events for the certificate or just to
meet with Bro. Segraves about UGST,
please contact UGST at 314-921-9290 or one of the host pastors directly.

  • February 14- Bro. Dale Pace in Fond du Lac, WI doing a certificate program on Signs & Wonders. Bro. Segraves will be creating a safe environment for those interested in exploring their spiritual gifts.
  • March 7- Bro. Tim Zuniga in Goodlettsville, TN doing a certificate program
  • March 29 & 30- Speaking at Bro. Gary Gleason's church in Oregon City, OR

If you would like to schedule a UGST faculty member or alumnus to conduct a
certificate program for you, please contact
Rhonda Morley (rmorley@ugst.org or 314-921-9290)


  Northeast Regional Training Center

Certificate programs conveniently located near New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. This is an
excellent opportunity for quality training for pastoral teams and lay ministers.

For more information, go to www.ugst.org/nrtc

On February 7, Cindy Miller will be conducting the session 'Counseling Addictions' on the Wrightstown, NJ campus. 


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