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When Pop Culture and Seminary Intersect

The Shack is a #1 NY Times bestseller, 36 weeks running with over 6 million copies in print (windblownmedia.com ).  It almost goes without saying that you have heard people talking about this book as it tells the story of a man who meets face to face with a Trinitarian God in a shack. Students in Systematic Theology II were forced to contend with the theological content of the book by looking at its Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, view of the Biblical text and more. Carolyn Harrington, a student in that class, was asked to describe the ecclesiology of the book which she aptly summed up in the following poem:

Knock on Wood

Four walls
For church
Open on Sunday
Closed on Monday

Nailed judgments
Hammered rules
Religion ~
Atmospherically cooled

Return O!


For walls
Church laws
Monday lone
No one home

This view regarding the increasing perception that organized religion is irrelevant to the world today challenges us as Apostolic Pentecostals. Theological reflections on the book in general were fodder for rich and meaningful discussion in a recent online interactive class. Thanks to cooperation with the UPCI Foreign Missions department,  students from as far away as Alabama, Tennessee and Florida used webcams and microphones to interact in real time with their fellow, on campus students in St. Louis as well as with the professor. 


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Spring Retreat 2009

Spring RetreatThe UGST Spring Retreat was held the first week in February at the Drurys home. Around 45 people were in attendance Friday night with 30 returning Saturday morning including on campus students, distance learners, alumni, faculty and staff.. The theme was "Generations: From the early church to the 21st century" and featured devotions by Bros. Truman and Segraves on Friday night along with Communion facilitated by Bro. Littles. Saturday morning had devotions with Bros. Norris and Brickle, journaling time and games. At the conclusion of the retreat a small group went to the St. Louis zoo while other students gathered to complete assignments from January classes. View photos here.  


Upcoming Short Terms


Eschatology (March 16-20): taught by Dave Norris, Professor of Biblical Theology.

A study of the doctrine of last things considered from the perspective of biblical teachings, historical development of the doctrine and the expression of the doctrine in systematic theology. Special emphasis will be on millennialism and its influence on the Pentecostal movement. (Prerequisite: Systematic Theology II or those currently enrolled in Systematic Theology II)


Church History I (June 1-6): taught by Steven Beardsley, Pastor of Newark United Pentecostal Church in Newark, DE and Adjunct Faculty.

An introduction to the establishment, spread, and development of the Christian faith up to the Reformation, paying particular attention to major trends, personalities, and events influencing the life of the church during the first five centuries as it took shape in the Jewish culture and the Greco-Roman world.  Primary sources in translation and secondary church history sources will be used.

Trauma and Grief Counseling (June 8-13): taught by Cindy Miller, Associate Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle UPC in Wrightstown, NJ and Lecturer of Practical Theology.

An exploration of the psychological process of dealing with and recovering from losses that are common to normal human experience, as well as the psychological impact of traumatic experiences that are outside the range of normal human experience. Therapeutic strategies are explored for assisting people through the process of grieving and recovering from loss, along with strategies for preventing, assessing and treating post-traumatic stress reactions to various kinds of trauma and catastrophe. 

Church Leadership (June 15-20): taught by T.F. & Thetus Tenney and Terry Shock. 

This course assists students in their own personal leadership development through an examination of a variety of leadership models (from servant leadership to CEO and TQM) in light of the biblical text, Apostolic theology, and the student’s own ministry context.  Students will apply leadership principles in developing a congregational program or assessing their own church departmental leadership.


Biblical Interpretation (August 10-15): taught by Dave Norris, Professor of Biblical Theology.

An intensive, introductory seminar course that seeks to develop understanding in principles of biblical interpretation and the application of texts to our lives and to the church. The course includes lecture, discussion, presentation of various media, oral and written presentations of individuals and groups, and developing academic papers on a graduate level. The lectures will deal with hermeneutics proper, how we may do an “apostolic hermeneutic”, and how such an hermeneutic must of necessity affect our daily lives and decisions. 

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