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Some Pentecostal circles today entertain the notion that educated people are not — and most likely cannot — be anointed. Those of this mentality think that if you just open your mouth God will fill it. They may also believe that there would be money in their bank account even if they made no deposits. Often it is true that attempts to dismiss higher learning may be an effort to veil one's own ignorance or lack of education.

Nearly ten years ago the UPCI made a bold and courageous move to birth UGST. When that decision was made, a dynamic of great significance was released into the Oneness movement. Before UGST, our movement had lost too many of our choice, intelligent and anointed men and women to the liberal philosophies of both secular and religious graduate schools. Now our brightest and best who have a passion and hunger for apostolic education can sit at the feet of the finest Oneness professors and scholars of the twenty-first century.

The verdict is in. The testimonies are endless and compelling. UGST is making its indelible mark and has, beyond a reasonable doubt, proven its worth to Oneness believers all over the world. Our doctrinal positions can no longer be casually dismissed. In many ways UGST faculty and students follow in the footsteps of Paul (ref: Acts 17 and Romans). Our professors have represented us in enough venues and have presented our views with such convincing and graceful discourse that both secular and religious circles must sit up and take notice that our position is authentic. Thank God for anointed brains!

~Stanley Gleason is the Senior Pastor of the Life Church in Kansas City, MO. He serves as the Missouri District Superintendent as well as a UGST Board of Trustees member.


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