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The mission of the Urshan Graduate School of Theology shall be to provide training, development, advanced studies, and a research center for men and women of the apostolic faith worldwide to further them for Christian service.

Steve Harris '08 in NepalAndea Thomas '04 in NigeriaVic Votaw '03 in China

As a member of Christ's body, each of us is called to ministry. If we are not careful we can fall into the trap of thinking of ministry in only the most narrow of terms. Can you discern which of the above is a Foreign Missionary? On a medical mission? Working on behalf of New Beginnings for international adoptions? Can you determine which of these is the most valuable work for God's kingdom or which of these is best defined as Christian service? The answer, of course, is all of the above.

UGST alumni are very diversified in the area of Christian service, and while the fields of ministry may not all be the same, there is one thing all of these ministers have in common: a commitment to training and spiritual formation. Each adopted the model developed by Jesus with His disciples when they took 3 years to absorb teaching, learn to rightly divide the word, assess practical applications and generally be mentored. Peter went on to be a preacher/evangelist. John became a prolific writer. We don't have records of the many venues other disciples may have engaged in, but we can be assured they were prepared, grounded and ready. Is it the right time for you to take heed to the calling within you? It's not too late to apply for the Fall semester!


Contact Information

704 Howdershell Rd.
Florissant, MO 63033


Director of Admissions
Rhonda Morley


Distance Learning
Marjorie Truman


Gayle Yoder


Dean of Administration
Evelyn Drury


Prepare and Enrich Training

The Prepare-Enrich Workshop is designed to train and certify clergy counselors for premarital and marriage enrichment counseling. You can attend and become certified with this professional diagnostic tool at the UPCI General Conference this October.

What? The Prepare-Enrich Workshop teaches you to administer, interpret and provide guided feedback to a couple based on the results from one of five PREPARE/ENRICH Inventories as well as assessment with exercises in the 'Building a Strong Marriage' workbook.

When? Wednesday, October 15 from 9:30am-4:30pm (includes break for lunch)

Where? Sheraton Ballroom in Greensboro, NC (you do not need to register for the UPCI conference to attend this training session)Faux couple

Cost? $175

Materials provided? Comprehensive Counselor Manual, Five Inventories, Building a Strong Marriage Workbook, and Complimentary Scoring on the New Online System

Registration? Download the application and mail (postmarked by September 1) to:
Rhonda Morley
704 Howdershell Rd.
Florissant, MO 63031

Questions? Contact Rhonda Morley: rmorley@ugst.org , 314-921-9290, ext. 7105

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Symposium 2008

The UGST Symposium, "Standing Together for Truth" will be held November 6-7 on the UGST campus. Make arrangements now to attend this historic event which features a panel discussion with the leaders from various Oneness Apostolic organizations and roundtables for different Apostolic professionals as well as research and papers presented on a variety of pivotal topics.
Contact dnorris@ugst for more information and be sure to view the promo on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jZPdndtdQc


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