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Fall Retreat

Day One

Saturday afternoon students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered to kickoff the retreat with a foot washing service. Bro. Segraves eloquently spoke on the significance and symbolism of this ritual especially as it relates to embracing the role of a servant. He encouraged each to realize that as ministers, serving has far greater transforming potential than telling people what to do. Men and women divided to pray and wash each other's feet. After the group came back together as a whole, partners were found and discussion ensued regarding taking heed to the ministry to which one is called. Bro. Littles then led the group in communion encouraging each to ask, "Lord, what should we do?" as a response to partaking of this sacrifice. Then it was time for dinner and the delectable desserts of Sis. Littles. Following dinner, Bro. Truman led the group in an evening Vespers service. Each partook of the light in Colossians chapter 1 as each one's candle was lit. Voices resounded in the closing song, "Go Light Your World" and the evening closed, appropriately, roasting marshmallows at a bonfire.

Bro. Norris teaching ventriloquism Laura and the frog princeAndrew, Latunya and Amanda hone their skillsThe duck says it all

Day Two

A sunrise service in the park started off Sunday morning. Bro. Norris spoke on dreams and the power of following God's dream for your life. He then had no end of amusement as he gave a crash course in ventriloquism and broke everyone into small groups who were directed to script and perform a ventriloquism show with puppets on the topic of following God's dream. Much hilarity ensued and there is still controversy on what Bro. Segraves was really saying. Following the service, breakfast was consumed and a break was given for private prayer and meditation. Bro. Brickle closed the retreat with an exercise meant to investigate "alternative realities." Participants reflected on play and daydreams from their youth, diversions from the present and plans for ways the Spirit is calling us to create an alternative reality. Sis. Littles once again did not disappoint with a delicious lunch. Thanks is due to Betsy Hoffman, Student Activities Coordinator for arranging this event.

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UPCI General Conference

The United Pentecostal Church International is hosting its General Conference October 15-19, 2008. Please come visit UGST's booth in the Exhibit Hall and participate in the many events UGST is hosting including a workshop for certification in pre-marital and marriage enrichment counseling which is open to all for a fraction of the normal cost on October 15 from 9:30am-4:30pm (includes a break for lunch), several mini classes taught by David Bernard, Thetus Tenney and other UGST faculty members (download a schedule ), a party celebrating UGST's pre-accreditation with ATS on Friday from 2-4pm, and a Java Fellowship open for mingling with the UGST community at large at the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday, October 18 from 2:30-4:30pm.

For a complete listing and to find out more about any of these events, visit www.ugst.org/GC2008.

Chapel Podcasts

Chapels and other special services at UGST are now being uploaded to the website as podcasts. You can listen online, downoad to your computer (click the down arrow in the control buttons) or sync to iTunes, Google, Zune, Yahoo or XML (click the RSS feed button). Go to www.ugst.org/chapel for an updated list throughout the semester.

If you are ever in the St. Louis area, please feel welcomed to join us at a chapel service on Thursdays from 11:10am-noon.

'Go Light Your World'

A YouTube video will load below (if it does not load, click here to be re-routed ) set to the song from the Fall Spiritual Retreat. UGST's motto is: Transforming Our World with Truth. This is the goal and purpose of the seminary, that our world may know Christ in the power of His resurrection.

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