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Following John's Gospel in the Holy Land
Posted 03/17/2008 02:52PM

The course will concentrate on the unique perspective of John, including the Gospel's background, geographical interest, structure, narrative logic and theology. It will also consider how the Gospel would have been performed originally by a lector before an audience. The tour will include the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Nazareth, Cana, Caesarea by the Sea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem as well as an optional excursion to the Dead Sea and Masada.

The program fee for "Following John's Gospel" is $250 whether you take the course for three graduate credits or for three continuing education units. For more information please contact Jeff Brickle ( ) or Rhonda Morley ( ) at Urshan Graduate School (314-921-9290).

To register for the Holy Land tour, please contact Lana Farnell ( ) at the UPCI General Sunday School Division (314-837-7300, x362 OR x358). Additional information (including travel costs and itinerary) is also available at the UPCI Sunday School Division website.


Endorsements from previous class:

“One of the finest and most life changing trips that I have ever been on. I will never preach the same again! The Bible has been ignited in my soul in a very special way after this trip. It is a must see!” -Don Martin (Tulsa, OK)

“Having classes at the end of each day reinforced and solidified what the Bible says about Jesus and his journeys. Attending the lectures and open discussions added an indescribable dimension to the tour.” -Kathy Hodgson

“Awesome? Enchanted? Spectacular? Incredible? Breathtaking? Exciting? Fascinating? I am unable to describe the feeling. There is not a word or group of words that can adequately describe the feeling of being in, seeing, feeling, and experiencing Israel. The trip was like a semester of seminary crammed into one week .... Scripture came alive with new meaning as I saw the land and events through the eyes of our excellent guide. It was a tremendous opportunity and I would encourage others to seriously consider being a part of this unique educational opportunity offered through Urshan Graduate School.” -Steve Harris (Center, TX)

“Since I have taken this class and studied the geography of the land in which Jesus lived and how the Gospels portrayed these areas, I will never see it the same way again! It has become a real place instead of pictures in a book. It helped me to understand customs, past, present and future events as well as appreciate the Word of God even more as it is spoken into our lives.” -Crystal Reece (Selmer, TN)

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